Aptitude Prep Course

Open to everyone has partnered with the electrical training ALLIANCE (etA) to offer these courses. These online courses provide you a better understanding of the construction industry and the requirements for acceptance into the apprenticeship program. will better prepare you for the tasks evaluated for entrance into the apprenticeship program. provides tremendous insight regarding the duties performed by construction workers and what is expected of them. 

In order to sign up for a class you must have a ETACFL Tradeschool account. If you do not have an account you may create a new one following the prompts in Tradeschool. 

If you are unsure, please contact the office at (407) 678 - 3733 X1005


Course Fee of $150

Open to Classification of Journey Worker and above. 

Prepare yourself for the future of the electrical industry with our specialized course on Electric Vehicle Charging Station installation, tailored exclusively for the JW (Journey Worker) classification. This comprehensive program is designed to equip electricians with the knowledge and skills required to obtain the EVTIP (Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Training Program) Certification. As the demand for electric vehicle charging stations continues to rise, this certification will enhance your expertise and open doors to exciting career opportunities in the field of sustainable energy. 

Once the Online portion is completed a proctored test at the Apprenticeship will be required. 

Upon a passing score, an EVTIP Certification will be submitted. 

If assistance is needed in signing up for a course please call the apprenticeship at (407) 678 - 3733  x1005